Puppy Nipping Training

One of the common and natural activities of puppy is known as nipping. Puppies want to explore numerous things as well as the world they live in. They use their mouth in investigating the things around them and when playing with other pets like them. When you play with your puppy or bond with him, you should expect that he will use his mouth and place it in your hands.

Puppies normally do this when they play. If you adopt a puppy that was with its litter mates during his first 8 weeks, then you should expect that he has been mouthing and nipping. The most effective method that will help you to successfully train your puppy to stop his nipping behavior is to give him something to chew such as a chewable toy or treat.

 Two of the important things to do if you want to stop your puppys nipping behavior is to encourage behavior that is acceptable and discourage those actions that is unacceptable. Keep in mind that it is very important to him know that puppy nipping is an example of an unacceptable behavior.

 If you want to encourage acceptable chewing behavior, use your one hand to give your pet something that he could to chew as you play with him using your other hand. It will help your puppy understand that people and playing with them are good things since it keeps the puppys mouth busy while he is being petted.

 In addition, you must let your pet understand that putting his teeth on skin has unpleasant consequences. This will help you to discourage unacceptable actions such as chewing and nipping. If your puppy starts nipping, you can say ouch in a high pitched voice to let him know that hes doing something wrong.